transportation to playa venao


Tocumen International Airport in Panama City provides worldwide access to Panama. You can search  with the airport code PTY.


Renting a SUV or car at Tocumen International Airport is an options for those wanting to explore the beautiful country of Panama. Within 1 hour of Beach Break Surf Camp are multiple different types of waves. The road to Playa Venao from Panama City is paved, however to access the surf breaks a 4x4 will be needed.


Comfortable and direct transport to Playa Venao can be booked with us at Beach Break Surf Camp. The price is dependent on the amount of people on any given day. Please contacts us for a transport quote.


The most economic options is to travel to Playa Venao is by bus. Busses leave Albrook bus terminal in Panama City every 2 hours untill 7:00pm. Taxi from Tocumen International Airport (PTY) to Albrook bus terminal (45min) costs $35, a bus ride to Las Tabals (4 hr trip) costs $10, a Taxi (1-1/2hr) from Las Tablas to Playa Venao costs $45.